Crysis 3

When joining Crytek I came onto Crysis 3 at the start of its development life cycle. My role switched to that of both a designer and a level designer, whereas previously I was primarily a level designer. Below is a breakdown of what I did during this project:

• Concepted, designed and created levels for the Multiplayer side of Crysis 3 at White/Greybox stage using Cryengine

• Oversaw production of the levels through to the final release, including final game mode setups

• Designed the in-game Squad system and worked on the design for the Module system, Dog-tag rewards, MP Achievements/Trophies and more. Also oversaw the production of the Hunter game mode before the initial showing of the game at GDC.

• Used Flowgraph and Trackview within CryEngine to create the ‘CELL’ and ‘Hunter’ intro cinematics for the ‘Hunter’ game mode, including storyboarding, camera direction and placement, event scripting and particle setup.

• Constant play-testing and feedback for all levels in the game

• Reported and fixed hundreds of level related bugs in the final stages of C3

• Worked with the art, programming, animation and 2D teams on a daily basis

• I also created the Hunter Intro Cinematics for the ‘Lost Island’ DLC pack

• Created a level checklist that covered setup of all game modes, spawn placement, collision mesh setup and many other final stage tasks for the other members of the design team to follow.


One of my levels, the Airport can be seen in some of the images above and was chosen to feature in the public Beta of the game. Chinatown and Brooklyn Bridge were also levels that I concepted and designed, whilst Williamsburg existed from Crysis 2. I had to remove some sections from it and add new ones to bring it in line with the other C3 levels.

Videos (not recorded by me):



Brooklyn Bridge:


2013 – Crytek UK